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Our main artist MURAT SES is a keyboard player and composer with strong Eurasian electronic elements. His LP 'Danses et Rythmes de la Turquie d'hier a aujourd'hui' was awarded Grand Prix du Disque by the Charles Cros Academie in Paris, France. The albums AUTOMATON (Slave with Ewer Device), BINFEN (feat.Tan), and CULDUZ all released in the 90's, are parts of a trilogy with the concept: "The Timeless and Boundariless Context of Culture and Civilization". Excellent press (US Keyboard, Audion, i/e, Expose ...) and airplay (Binfen was no.7 in Ohio). Main influences are Pink Floyd, Traffic, Jimmy Smith, Eastern Mediterranean, Levantine, and Central Asian cultures and music. Latest solo albums of Murat Ses are AUTOMATON² (San Francisco Miami Impressions), BINFEN 2005 Remix both released in 2005, ELECTRIC LEVANTINE (2006), UMAMI (2007), BESIDE THE SUN (2010), LIGHT CONE (2012), SUNDIAL (2013), KIOSK TORBA (2014), TIDAL LOCKING (2015), STRAWBERRY MOON (2016) and NARDUGAN (OpBe Dances) (2017) his fourteenth solo album. Our newest artist is Tan Ses with his albums ANATOLIAN ECHOES (2015) and BARREN PLATEAUX (2016).

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